Rosa Brighid

In January of this year I had chance to work with a new (to me)  model Rosa Brighid, she is based in Plymouth but was in my area and so we arranged to work together. […]

Roswell Ivory

I  finally have had some time to start to work on my image backlog after a hectic few months of image making. In April alone I had  5 model shoots and a trip to the […]

A year in review -2014

It is always difficult to review a year (in terms of photography that is) as you always seem to be planning ahead for the next shoot. So perhaps taking the time to review what you […]

A day’s visit to Munich.

Exhibitions, Marathons and Olympic Stadiums all in a day’s visit to Munich. As I wrote in my previous post about attending the Trierenberg super circuit gala dinner, getting there needed some planning as the flights […]