I  finally have had some time to start to work on my image backlog after a hectic few months of image making. In April alone I had 5 model shoots and a trip to the Isle of Skye for a weeks break and also a change to work at getting some landscape images.

Roswell Ivory is based in Milton Keynes and had contacted me a couple of times in the past to see if we could arrange a time for us to work together.

But somehow the dates we had available never quite matched up, or I already had a shoot booked when she was in the area.  So it was really good that in February we found a date that we both could do. This fitted into a tour she had organised so it meant that she was able to come up to work with me locally so we could be fairly relaxed with the time and a venue too.

This was a studio shoot as February is a just a little bit too cold for working outside, the studio has some good natural light so most of these image were shot with just the natural light in the studio.

The artist nude figure studies were shot with a single studio light on a simple black ground.

Roswell Ivory is great to work with and as she is also a trained  contortionist and as such she can make so great shapes with here body.

The location had a large mirror so we used this to create a set of legs and shoes images using some of Roswell Ivory vintage lingerie.

So here a few I liked from the session: