The last time I worked with Model and dancer Kayleigh Lush was in August 2012 when I was working at the Para-Olympics in London and with a day off  I  arrange to shoot with Kayleigh. She is certain a great model and dancer. I am still working with and processing images from that shoot, as we seemed to produced so many good ones. So quite why I had left it so long to book to work with her again, I am not sure, but when another few day together can about during a visit to London, I decided it was time to see if I could work with here again.

I used the same studio location as I usually use when in down there and that is the studio run by Adrian Pini .( as I have mentioned in my post First shoot of the year) it a studio close to where I am usually base, and Adrian is a good owner and helpful if you need an assistant.

So here are a few of the images that we produced on the day, Kayleigh was a star again and produced some great shapes and moves.

So thanks again to Kayleigh she works so hard to produce great dance shapes and has great athleticism.

I will be booking her again soon.

contemporary dance shapes
Contemporary Dance shapes
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In the spot light
red flame
Red flame
kayleigh_lush (3 of 7)
Net shapes
Kayleigh_Lush (2 of 7)
In Blue
kayleigh_lush (4 of 7)
Perfecting the art of chair leviation II
kayleigh_lush (5 of 7)
Shadow play

Dance explosion

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Dance explosion