I was recently talking to a fellow photographer about working in bad condition ie outside in the rain.

It reminded me of a shoot I had a while back. Where we had booked a location shoot in South Wales. Now South Wales is a beautiful place to work in but unfortunately it does rain a lot. We were on location for two days and it rained for the two days we were there. Which kind of curtailed working the outside location we had planned to use.

However, the model I had taken Ella Rose Muse. Was keen to try and get some outdoor shots in a couple of locations even though it was raining.

There was a great summer house as a starting point. As well as a wall that was a possibility and it had some slight shelter from a big tree. So Ella went out and posed in the pouring rain.

Summer house and wall

Summer house blues really like how the rain intersified the colours of the roof in this image

I decided to look back in my Lightroom catalogue. To find the images we had created during that visit and thought it was worth posting them. It really shows how you can create a few different images in far from ideal conditions i.e. the pouring rain.

I even manage to find a behind the scenes image of Ella sheltering under an umbrella between shots. This must have been a very quick pause in the shooting. As she normally wore a warm coat between location and takes.

Also, how a great and brave model will go that extra mile to get you an image. Thanks again Ella.

It was not just Elle who spent sometime outside in the rain. For the shoots to the summer house I was outside in the wet shooting from under a large umbrella. These Images were shot using a 200mm lens.

The other shoots of Ella in the windows and doorway I was again outside getting rained on. While Ella was in the relative dry of the doorway. Our inside looking out.

I now remember that the main issue with these shots was the communications between shots.  Ella was behind the window glass and could not hear the shutter going off. So, we had to develop a method of signalling. So she knew when I had taken a shot so she could then change to a different pose.

Shooting from the outside to the in

The other very useful item for working in these conditions was a large umbrella. Both for the model to use between shots. As well as for me to shelter under while taking images from the outside looking in.

Looking back at these image I think it was worth giving it a go and shooting in the rain.

See what you think.

Model: Ella Rose Muse
Photographer: Richard Spurdens
Lighting: Natural light
Camera: Canon 5D MkII fitted with EF 70-200 f2.8 lens IS Lens