My first shoot of the year and my first post of the year too, it seems to have been a long wait to get back to shooting with a model again, in fact it was back in late September that I last shot with a model.

So it was really good to get a chance to work with Lulu Lockhart. When a trip to London came up and Lulu was available for a shoot I booked her I knew Lulu was a good versatile model who could turn her poses to good shapes and expressions, and that proved to be the case.

I tend to use Adrian Pini studio when I am London as is it not too far from where I am usually based, and also its well priced, a reasonable size and Adrian is a good owner and  helpful if you need an assistant. Worth a look if you are wanting a studio when you are in London.

So here are a few of  the images that we produced on the day,  so thank you again Lulu.

Portait Photography - Portrait Photograher - threequarter muted colour image of subject standing up and looking directley towards the camera wearing a white blouse and holding it in the center
Richard Spurdens Photography – Lucy L 6
Portait Photography - Portrait Photograher - colour image of sudject side on looking towards the ligth with both hands holding her shoulder
Richard Spurdens Photography – Lost in thought
Fine Art Nude Photography - Fine Art Nude Photographer - monochrome image of artistic nude model holding a standign pose with net material stretched across her body
Richard Spurdens Photography – Lucy L nets and light

I have now booked Lulu again for later in the year.