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EFIAP Silver

I’m delighted to have received notification this week that my application for the EFIAP Silver (EFIAP/s) award has been successful; this makes it my fourth FIAP distinction in consecutive years which I feel is a good achievement.

As with my other blog posts about the FIAP distinction trail,  EFIAP2013 and EFIAP/b 2014), I will share all the images that gained me acceptances for my successful EFIAP Silver application below this text.

I have been entering FIAP salons now for the last 5 years and over that period have had success with gaining acceptances and a few awards too. Through pursuing the FIAP salons trail I seen inspiring work, I have met a lot of good photographer and made some new friends and travelled internationally as both a judge and an award winner. The salons have provided me with an outlet for my work to be seen and shown internationally.

However from 2016 FIAP have decided to introduce an increase to all the level requirements, effectively a 100% increase in the numbers required at each level. This suddenly makes this a very expensive task and perhaps not worth the effort as future increase could again be made in following years.

Now I have seen the acceptance requirement increase at EFIAP level and was fortunate to have been successful enough with my images to gain sufficient acceptances to meet that increase. FIAP then decided to delay the introduction of that increase which then meant that I had a large number of acceptances that could not be used. However it seems that they may come into play with new changes to the requirements that FIAP have introduced as you can now include all your acceptances from your AFIAP and EFIAP towards these new level requirements.

So will I continue on the distinction trial?   I will wait and see as if those images are now able to count, if that is the case, then the task is not as great as it would have been. So clarification will be required before I make any decision on progressing on to EFIAP/Gold. I know that I will certainly not be going on from there.

I do feel a certain amount of regret that changes he been made without any consideration for people already within the process. Most other organisation would have taken a phased in approach to the changes, to allow for many of the members who were already well through the process to complete it, but that is not the case. This is a shame, as I feel I can no longer recommend the FIAP distinctions process as worth having a go at, which I used to do in my lecture tours.

Above are the a few of the award winning images:


Rosa Brighid

In January of this year I had chance to work with a new (to me)  model Rosa Brighid. She is based in Plymouth but was in my area and so we arranged to work together. As it was  January a studio location was the best option, so I booked Hallum Mill in Stockport. It turned out to be a very wet day (glad I had chosen to work in the studio) so having collected Rosa Brighid from where she was staying, we headed over the hills to Hallum Mills.

I got to know Rose a bit on the way across and she certainly looked to be going to be a popular model as she outlined the various shoots she had planned during the year.

As I mentioned earlier this was a very wet day so there was not a lot of natural light available to shoot with.  I chose to work with a couple of different lighting setups. The first image (below) was from my first lighting setup were the main lights  were placed behind the model (fitted with a small reflector and a grid). They were setup high and aimed at separate bounce boards which were positioned to the right and left of the camera in front of the model. These bounce boards bounce the light back towards the model and produce an incredibly soft and flattering light.  As can be seen from the image the lights picks up the edges of the body and hair and create a rim light on the body contours and hair. It then hits the bounce boards and scatters and produces a soft front light.

The second image was lit using a continuous tungsten light source “daylight balanced” which means that you can see exactly were the light is falling and for this set the light was positioned to the right hand side of the camera.

It is interesting to see the two different lighting set outputs.

Rosa Brighid white border
Canon 5D MkIII – 1/125 @ f / 10.0 EF 70-200mm F2.8 L
Rosa Brighid lingerie
Canon 5D MkIII – 1/125 @ f / 9.0 EF 70-200mm F2.8 L

The next  image was from a more normal lighting set up where the main light was to the front and off to the right of the camera and fitted with a larger soft box, which again giving a softer light but slight more edgier look.

Rosa Brighid single light to the rhs
Canon 5D MkIII – 1/125 @ f /4.5 EF 70-200mm F2.8 L
Rosa Brighid single light to the rhs I
Canon 5D MkIII – 1/125 @ f / 9.0 EF 70-200mm F2.8 L

The darker more moody images were lit using a lighting setup which consisting a one main light fitted with a strip soft box which also had an egg crate grid attached to control the light spill and make it very directional. Which keeps the light from falling onto the back ground. The result is that  you get dark backgrounds and good light and shadow areas on the contours of the body.

Rosa Brighid facing the light
Canon 5D MkIII – 1/125 @ f / 8.0 EF 70-200mm F2.8 L
Rosa Brighid turning away from the light
Canon 5D MkIII – 1/125 @ f / 9.0 EF 70-200mm F2.8 L
Rosa Brighid seated on the table with a chair
Canon 5D MkIII – 1/125 @ f / 8.0 EF 70-200mm F2.8 L

It turns out the Rosa Brighid is a bit of a climber so here is one to finish with, were we worked with a rope ladder suspended from the ceiling. Again using the strip lighting set up to light the scene.

artistic nude image of model rosa brighid using a rope ladder to hang and make a curved figure shape
Canon 5D MkIII – 1/125 @ f / 10.0 EF 70-200mm F2.8 L

So thanks to Rosa for producing some good poses to go with the lighting.



Roswell Ivory

I  finally have had some time to start to work on my image backlog after a hectic few months of image making. In April alone I had 5 model shoots and a trip to the Isle of Skye for a weeks break and also a change to work at getting some landscape images.

Roswell Ivory is based in Milton Keynes and had contacted me a couple of times in the past to see if we could arrange a time for us to work together.

But somehow the dates we had available never quite matched up, or I already had a shoot booked when she was in the area.  So it was really good that in February we found a date that we both could do. This fitted into a tour she had organised so it meant that she was able to come up to work with me locally so we could be fairly relaxed with the time and a venue too.

This was a studio shoot as February is a just a little bit too cold for working outside, the studio has some good natural light so most of these image were shot with just the natural light in the studio.

The artist nude figure studies were shot with a single studio light on a simple black ground.

Roswell Ivory is great to work with and as she is also a trained  contortionist and as such she can make so great shapes with here body.

The location had a large mirror so we used this to create a set of legs and shoes images using some of Roswell Ivory vintage lingerie.

So here a few I liked from the session:

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