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Plinth Shapes (NSFW)

Plinth shapes is a set of images that I have put together to demonstrate how you can use a simple prop to create strong Artistic Nude images. These were all lit with a single studio light fitted with a large soft box.

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More Dragon Boat racing

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For the forth year the Bradford Dragon boat festival was held on the river Aire at Roberts Park Saltair. It is the only three day festival for Dragon boat racing in the country.  I have covered it of the last few years.  as it is a good opportunity to get some different type of sports action images. It can give you some good colourful images too.

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Plug Ins and Adobe Photoshop CC (2015)

As I am sure you are all aware there is an update for Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber which updates Adobe CC to CC (2015).

Yesterday I undertook the upgrade without any difficulties and if you go to the various website you can find out what is new in Adobe CC (2015). This link is a good starting place,

I am not proposing to discuss the updates here but the purpose of the post was to share how I got my third party plug ins back, as when I opened the new version of Abobe CC (2015) they were no longer there.

So where are my Plug ins?
Ok so if you were using plug ins with Photoshop CC (2014) before you updated then you need to locate them and by using this  simple fix you can get them back without having to re-install them.

plugin image 1
  •  STEP 1: Navigate to the Photoshop CC folder in Program Files, Adobe. (you should see Adobe Photoshop CC (2014) and CC (2015)
  • STEP 2: click to open Adobe Photoshop CC (2014) and you should find the Plug- ins folder. Clicking on that to reveal all those installed plugins that you have, and simply highlight them all and then go to Organize and Copy (Right Click + Copy)
  • STEP 3 : then step backwards to the Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 folder in Program Files, Adobe.
  • STEP 4: Double Click to Open Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 and then the  plug-ins either : Organize paste or (Right Click + Paste)
  • STEP 5: Close and Re-Open Photoshop CC 2015.

This worked for me so hopefully it will work for you too.

I know this is the  fix for window based machines, for Mac users the files I think are located  in the APPLICATIONS folder.



Question: How important is the title of an image?

The Question:

A question that came up at a recent lecture I was giving to a camera club was: How important is the title of an image?

Now this made me stop and think for a minute (so a good question).  I know that when I am creating images I don’t have a title in my mind, it is all about focusing on creating that image. I suggest that the titling process begins when I add images into my library.

They have a ‘working title’ which is normally a generic shoot title in combination with a file number. I don’t rely on just numbers and dates alone therefore all the images from that shoot get that generic title.

It is only when I have selected an image and start to process that image that a possible title might appear. It may also come from my thinking while processing the images.

You could say it all depends on what you are going to do with the images. If it is only for your personal portfolio then does a title matter?

My personal opinion is yes, image titles are important.

Images that are going out to be viewed either on my website or on an image posting website should have a title.

Creating a title for your image is all part of the creative process. I know from personal experience that sometimes it is easy to come up with a good title and some times it is very difficult to come up with a good meaningful title.

However this question was in the context of using images in exhibitions/ competitions.

So how important is a title?

My thoughts and experience of entering images into exhibitions is that for most International exhibitions the title makes very little difference.

The reason of this is the volume of images that have been entered makes the judging process a rapid affair. Some times the titles are read out other they appear as texted with the image. It is all about the image making an impact in the short viewing window that the judges have.

It is only in the medal selection process that the judges will most likely see the titles of the selected images.


There are exceptions to this – for example, the London Salon and possibly the Edinburgh International. (Both print salons) where the judging process is very different. The title of the image is very important for the judging here. Especially in the London salon where it is all about the images being selected that show distinct evidence of artistic feeling and execution, So the title is a very important part of that.

But I suspect that for the majority of the digital salons the title is not seen until the end of the selection process. Certainly looking in salon catalogues you will see that certain authors don’t bother with strong title so you might see Mountain view III , or Window light 4.

At club level

However in club photography circles the title is very important and is usually read out prior to the image being presented for viewing/ judging.

So getting a good title for the image is essential. As in this area the title provides a useful handle for critiquing, reviewing and discussing the work.

Alternate titles may be suggested as this review is undertaken, which may or may not help the author.

To me the role of the image title is and will always be an important factor of image making.

It is perhaps the final part of the artistic creation process. The title once chosen, normally stays with that image or any form of art (whatever it is) for it life.

To choose a strong title should be part of the challenge for any artist no matter what type of art is being produced.

So my answer was that a good strong title is important.

Get the title right and it will be part of the emotional response of the viewer’s experience when they view the image.

These are my views so it would be interesting to read others views.

Below are a selection of images and with my chosen title that have done well at all levels with their titles:

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