artristc nude photograher - artristc nude photography - print of the month for october 2019 is a monochrome image of the female form showing the curvs and shape of the back

I have been busy printing over recent days and today I have decided to start a print of the month post. The idea being that I will share with you one of my prints that I have created in that given month.

The first print for the month which for October 2019 is titled, “Back Curves” and is part of my ‘Other view series’ to be published in the near future.

It features the UK model – Ivory Flame and is from a studio session with the her. I have worked with Ivory Flame many times over the last few years and always enjoy working with her as we always seem to create great images. If you are looking for a great Artistic Nude model, to work with I can recommend her as one to work with.

The image was inspired by the work of Horst P. Horst among others and the idea was to try and show the beauty of the back curves and shapes

I have worked with Holly many times over the last few years and alway enjoy working with her as we alway seem to make great images.

If the print interests you, and you would like to purchase this Print please use this link which takes you to me shop page.  It is available in an A3 version and is printed on Fotospeed paper.

Watch this blog for the next Print-of-the-Month announcement in early November.