I can’t really believe that we are at the end of another year, and again I have had a good year photographically so here is some of the highlights from my 2016.

Having a studio has been a real boon and I have worked with a number of new models there this year. We’ve created some great images, and also had good fun playing with different light approaches.

New models have included Amber M, Em Theresa, Katie Green and finally Nicky Philips. Also Marmalade – but not at my studio as we worked on location in the Pit in Nottingham. The other creative I had the pleasure to work with during the year was the Make Up Artist (MUA) Monica Montalvo. We created some pleasing beauty images working with the model Amber Tutton.

New Models images:

I also worked again with Anita De Bauch, Elle Beth, Fredau H, Carla Monoco, and Amber Tutton. it is always good to work with models that you have worked with before, its a bit more relaxing as you know what they can do.

More models:

I have also supported Walters Wardrobe (Jen Brook) and her couture themed shoots at some great locations. These have included Allerton Castle and the vast stately home at Wentworth Woodhouse plus some other great locations too. The Wardrobe team included the MUAs Olivia Morewood and Abigail Pulleyn, with Jen doing the styling, sourcing outfits from the likes of Designer Sharon Bowen- Dryden.

Walters Wardrobe images:

This year I have also started a number of projects which I will feature early next year on this site. The main one has been “Reflected Leeds” which is about creating images of Leeds but using reflections.

I have also had a few trips to various different parts of the country to give talks on my work. These have included a visit to Smethwich photographic society and Bristol photographic society. Both are very prestigous societies so I was pleased to have been invited to present my work. Earlier in the year I attended the Arena Photographers weekend in Bournemouth, showing some of my “Perfecting the art of ” series of images on the Photo walk on the Saturday. These were well received by the delegates at the weekend.

The FIAP distinctions trail had been progressing, I received my EFIAP gold in June of this year, which was pleasing, however I have scaled back the number of exhibition I have been entering, only entering the ones that have good exhibition catalogues. I have managed to maintain a high rate of acceptances and have managed to pick up a few awards as well. I now need to get on with submitting my application for the EFIAP/ platiumn award.

A couple of visits to Spain were fruitful in terms of photography with some more interesting bull running images and other image opportunites. A visit to Glasgow in late October also produced some good images of the city architecture.

Other images from the year: