I occasionally get to work with  like- minded creatives which is great. Sometimes arranging with them prior to the shoot, either to provide the make up, hair styling or style for the shoot.

Alternatively  if they contact me and want to collaborate with me in terms of wanting to have  certain designs or looks photographed and that way we both benefit from the arrangement. They provide the outfits or designs and I provide the studio or location and find a model, after the shoot I send them their chosen images. Occasionally someone might turn up with the some of the others involved with the shoot.

This was in fact the case at a recent location shoot in Morecambe with wonderful model dancer Kate C.

I had the pleasure to meet Cristina Zani, she is a jewellery designer and her work can be seen here Cristinazani.com

Cristina had come along that day with her latest designs as she was wanting some images of these designs to use for her forthcoming exhibitions and for publicity information for these exhiditions.

Cristina works with various media and that day her pieces where made of wood and were bold and had muted colours that looked good against the skin of Katy, and the tones of the location. So we shot a series of images featuring Cristina work.

Below is a sample of the images Cristina chose, the model is of course Katy C, and the lighting is just using the natural light of the windows of the location. Hair was done by Amy and Make up by Donna Graham from Southport.

kate 7
Design 7
kate 8
Design 8
kate 6
Design 6
kate 5
Design 5
kate 4
Design 4
kate 3
Design 3
kate 2
Design 2
kate 1
Design 1

The last image has been published in an online article about a jewellery exhibition http://benchpeg.com/news/events/dazzle-2013-london-amp-manchester/