Here are 4 natural light shots with Nicky Philips from a recent studio session in Cleckheaton. I was using Silkwood studios for the first time as it has some large windows which I thought were worth exploring as a light source for some fashion and portait image.

Model: Nicky Phillips
Photographer: Richard Spurdens
Lighting: Natural window light
Camera: Canon 5D MkIV with a EF70-200 f/2.8 II
Outfits: Models own

Having worked with Nicky before I was confident that we would produce some good shots

a natural light shot of the model converted to monochrome featuring side window lighting
II USM 1/80 sec @ f-4 / ISO 400

For this image I used the simple yet beautiful natural light coming from the window to the rhs which was giving some nice soft side light.

1/60 sec @ f-4 / ISO 400

Putting Nicky closer in to the window light source gives some nice soft lighting across the body.

1/60 sec @ f-4 / ISO 400

Each of the windows had some net curtain material drapped across them so that helped to soften the natural light. By putting Nicky into the window and then angling the camera it produced some nice tension to the image.

1/80 sec @ f-4 / ISO 400

For this shot I put Nicky into the corner which allowed light to come from two sources; the window behind and the window to the rhs. I kept this one as a colour version and added a slight colour grading to it

I was pleased with the results we achieved using the natural light, for this section of the shoot.