A website that I post on from time to time and use as a resource is Sensual-photography.eu

If you don’t know it, this is a French based participatory photo gallery based around a single theme of sensual photography and the sensuality of the woman. The images are chosen by the editors Nicole Fily and Francois Rommens so each image is validated by them to ensure that it fits with the theme.

For the last 2 years they have published a limited edition book with images that have been published on the site, and that they selected to make up the book. The 2014 edition will be their third book and as the saying goes: “good things come in threes”!

So in the 2014 edition I was really pleased to find that one of my images had been selected to be included in this 3rd edition from Sensual photography.

I think I am the only UK member this year to have had an image selected so that is really pleasing too. The book which is 200 pages in full colour has already sold out too.

I don’t know which image has been selected until I see the edition. However you can get a feel for the images that are selected to be published on the site by the on below. which is the last one I uploaded and had accepted into the gallery. This one features the model, Elle Beth, and was shot in early December just using natural light.

elle beth in side light

Elle Beth in side light