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Ayla – Handstand (NSFW)

monochrome image of dancer performing a crab pose with one leg raised vertically
monochrome image of dancer performing a crab pose with one leg raised and bent at the knee
monochrome image of dancer performing a handstand one leg out strighat the other bent
monochrome image of dancer coming down from a crab pose
monochrome image of dancer performing a handstand on flat arms legs pointing towars the light
monochrome image of dancer performing a handstand on forearms and legs at bent angles
monochrome image of dancer performing a handstand on her forearms and legs pointed flat towards the window light

Model : Ayla

  • Lighting: Window Light
  • Model: Canon 5D Mk IV
  • Lens: EF50mm f/1.8 II
  • Shutter Speed: 1/125 second
  • Aperture: F/8.0
  • ISO Speed:100

Capturing someone performing a handstand you would think it would be easy. However you need a model that has the athletic ability to perform them. Ayla is a model with a dance background and has great athletic ability as you can see in the above images. So was idea for working with to capture these strong athletic shapes.

I worked Ayla a few times in the past. You can see some of my dance images which featuring Ayla in my Dance portfolio by clicking here.

So she was ideal to work with to capture the strong athletic form of the handstand shape.

I had arranged to work with her at the Loft studio in Rochester. Which is a small and compact studio. Worth a visit if you need a studio in that area. The studio has a window at one side that gives some really good natural light. Which worked really well for shooting these shots.

Paisley pattern tights leg shapes (NSFW)

  • Model: Ivory Flame.
  • Location: My Studio
  • Lighting: Mixed constant and a grided studio flash.
  • Camera: Fuji XT-2
  • Lens: XF50-140mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR
  • Shutter Speed : 1/125sec @ F -5.6
  • Aperture: F /5.6
  • ISO – 200

I have worked with Ivory Flame (Holly) a number of times in the past, She is a great artist nude model, as the images show. This set of images were shot at my studio. During a session with Holly, I had purchased a pair of Paisley pattern tights and decided to use the edge of a settee to give a base shape for Holly to work against and show off the Paisley pattern tights and her figure shape. Lighting was a studio flash fitted with and striped softbox fitted grid plus an Arri contast light focused to give a strip of light coming down the background.

November Print of the Month

My pick for the November 2020 Print of the Month is entitled: The form of a straight leg raise.

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Em – Silk hanging (NSFW)

  • Aerialist: Em Theresa
  • Lighting: 3 x Studio flash fitted with soft boxes
  • Location: Natural Light Spaces
  • Model: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Lens: 24-70mm.
  • 1/100sec @ f /11.00. ISO100

To collaborate with Aerialists in order to capture their skills is a real challenge. Em Theresa the Aerialist featured in these images makes these poses look effortless and easy, but they are not.

It requires core strenght and concentration to hold these poses while hanging from the suspended silks several metres from the ground.

The biggest challenge for the photographer is to know when to capture the image, to show the artisty and skill that the aerialist is displaying as she holds the pose.

Elle Beth – Red Chair. NSFW

Here is a collection of 9 images featuring the model Elle Beth and a red chair. They were all shot in an old warehouse location in central Nottingham. The lighting of these images was just the available natural window light of the location.

After scouting the location we found an old broken red chair that I felt would make a good prop for this set of images with Elle Beth. The theme of the set was around the idea of Elle finding an old lost chair, which was now in sad state of repair and the memories emotions it brought back .

Elle who I have worked with a number of times in recent years, produced a good set of different poses which I thought showed different emotion in each image in the set.

The choice of monochrome seemed to suit the subject and location. As in colour the red of the chair seem to dominate the image a bit too much in some of the shots. However the image below I kept in colour as the skin tones worked well against the red chair in this pose.

colour image of elle beth and the red chair seated and stretching up to hold on of the wings
Kept this one in colour as it seem to show the skin tones well and the chair red did not dominate the image

The images above were all processed in Lightroom including converting to monochrome. They were then exported into Photoshop for a few tweeks and final finishing.

  • Model: Elle Beth
  • Location: Old warehouse Nottingham
  • Lighting: Natural window light
  • Outfit: Models own
  • Camera: Fuji XT-1 fitted with a Fuji FX 18mm f2.0 prime lens

Plinth Shapes (NSFW)

Plinth shapes is a set of images that I have put together to demonstrate how you can use a simple prop to create strong Artistic Nude images. These were all lit with a single studio light fitted with a large soft box.

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Madame Bink 2017 shoot (NSFW)

I have worked with Madame Bink a number of times over the years that I have been shooting models and I have always come away with some great images.

When working with Ivory Flame in January of this year she mentioned that Madame Bink (Bink) was working again, so I took the oppoutunity to set up another shoot with her.

Now the last time we shot together was at the first Walters Warbrode event which was a fashion theme shoot. It was therefore good to get to work with her again specifically in the art nude genre, although we did do some edgy fashion images too.

The sets I wanted to shoot were simple in terms of lighting. These sets were lit with a single studio strobe fitted with a rectanglar soft box. The softbox was also fitted with an egg crate grid to control the light spill, which gives good light and shadow areas on the body.

I chose to use some simple props – two wooden garden chairs and a small wooden table stool. There is a simple white hat with a black band that we added for a few of these shots. So really simple but make strong images I feel.

All that was then needed was the model to make strong Artistic Nude shapes and work into the light.

The results can be seem in the images below. Binky’s strong poses in this light setup stand out and this is one of the reasons I have always liked working with her.

Artistic Nude Images



Roswell Ivory

I  finally have had some time to start to work on my image backlog after a hectic few months of image making. In April alone I had 5 model shoots and a trip to the Isle of Skye for a weeks break and also a change to work at getting some landscape images.

Roswell Ivory is based in Milton Keynes and had contacted me a couple of times in the past to see if we could arrange a time for us to work together.

But somehow the dates we had available never quite matched up, or I already had a shoot booked when she was in the area.  So it was really good that in February we found a date that we both could do. This fitted into a tour she had organised so it meant that she was able to come up to work with me locally so we could be fairly relaxed with the time and a venue too.

This was a studio shoot as February is a just a little bit too cold for working outside, the studio has some good natural light so most of these image were shot with just the natural light in the studio.

The artist nude figure studies were shot with a single studio light on a simple black ground.

Roswell Ivory is great to work with and as she is also a trained  contortionist and as such she can make so great shapes with here body.

The location had a large mirror so we used this to create a set of legs and shoes images using some of Roswell Ivory vintage lingerie.

So here a few I liked from the session:

Anna Rose

I had not planned to shoot with Anna Rose  (a London based model) and it was only because I had been working the studio the day before and unfortunately or fortunately as it turned out I managed to leave one of my lens at the studio. (True Definition Studio). The owner had phoned me to say he had found my lens and as I need it for the next day I decided to drive back over to Stockport to pick it up.

On arrival I found that there was a studio day on and one of the models was Anna rose and whilst talking with the owner and picking up my lens, it turned that that there was a 1 hour slot available with Anna.

So seeing her I made the decision to do some images with her in that one hour slot. Here are a few of images I shot with her all using the natural light windows of this studio.

The levitation image was a bit of an experiment and is really just some work in progress.

Here is a selection of images we produced in that that short time frame.

Kayleigh Lush

The last time I worked with Model and dancer Kayleigh Lush was in August 2012 when I was working at the Para-Olympics in London and with a day off  I  arrange to shoot with Kayleigh. She is certain a great model and dancer. I am still working with and processing images from that shoot, as we seemed to produced so many good ones. So quite why I had left it so long to book to work with her again, I am not sure, but when another few day together can about during a visit to London, I decided it was time to see if I could work with here again.

I used the same studio location as I usually use when in down there and that is the studio run by Adrian Pini .( as I have mentioned in my post First shoot of the year) it a studio close to where I am usually base, and Adrian is a good owner and helpful if you need an assistant.

So here are a few of the images that we produced on the day, Kayleigh was a star again and produced some great shapes and moves.

So thanks again to Kayleigh she works so hard to produce great dance shapes and has great athleticism.

I will be booking her again soon.

contemporary dance shapes
Contemporary Dance shapes
kayleigh_lush (7 of 7)
In the spot light
red flame
Red flame
kayleigh_lush (3 of 7)
Net shapes
Kayleigh_Lush (2 of 7)
In Blue
kayleigh_lush (4 of 7)
Perfecting the art of chair leviation II
kayleigh_lush (5 of 7)
Shadow play

Dance explosion

kayleigh_lush (6 of 7)
Dance explosion


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