I started on the FIAP Distinction trail in 2010 and when I entered some images in the GB Small Print Championship and managed to gain a number of acceptances, I started to see if I could achieve my AFIAP.  That became my project for 2011 and I have been submitting to salons on a regular basis ever since.

Thankfully I have been lucky enough to have my work feature amongst the awards in a number of salons, and so rather then keep posting in my blog I have put this gallery together which features my images that have received awards.

 Received Awards

FIAP Blue Badge/Best Author (x1)PSA Gold Medal (x4)
FIAP Gold Medal (x 2)PSA Silver Medal (x2)
 PSA Bronze Medal (x2)
FIAP Bronze Medal (x2)PSA Honorable Mention (x1)
FIAP Ribbon (x6) 
FIAP Honourable Mention (x13)London Salon Medal (x1)
UPI Gold Medal (x1) 
UPA Silver Medal (x1)Salon Medal (x6)
AFFR Gold Medal (x1)Judges Medal (x2)
FFS Gold Medal (x1) 
RPS Silver Medal (x1)Salon Praise/Honorable Mention (x2)
RPS Ribbon (x1) 

Awarded Images

Artistic nude photographer - artistic nude photography


To date my count stands at 481 acceptances from 172 images, 74 salons from 23 countries & 35 awards from 21 different images


  • AFIAP- June 2012
  • EFIAP – June 2013